Quality Hub Services

Website and  App development

Designing an elaborate and attractive website is the first step to attract customers and gain their trust, with high confidence, let us develop an interactive, safe and attractive website designed specifically for your business and touch the needs of your customers. Get More Details

Digital Marketing Services

With more than five years of experience in digital marketing services and media productions through a set of marketing mechanisms and creative designs, we will contribute to increase the satisfaction rate of your existing customers and guarantee you higher access to your services and products. Get More Details

HR Outsourcing Services

HR could be the most confusing and complicated department in your whole organization.
A successful HR department contributes to the growth of the organization as well as the employee.
Quality Hub is committed to change the wrong perspective on employees’ minds that relates to HR department with unpleasant circumstances such as violations, layoffs, and conflicts of interest …etc.

Quality Hub collaboratively partners with you to build, develop, and strengthen your
team by:
– Determine and identify your unique needs and challenges.
– Presenting solutions that are client-oriented.
– Suggesting and Delivering programs, services, and training that fit your culture and
– Ensuring alignment with business objectives that ultimately have a positive impact
on profit margins.

HR Services We Offer


Quality Hub studies the organization’s needs and makes sure those needs are met when recruiting new candidates. It’s not just throwing an ad up on digital platforms: we analyze the market, consult stakeholders, and manage budgets to end up with the best candidate signing in for your organization.

Process payroll

Quality Hub is committed to applying all payroll processes, maintaining a payroll processing system and records by gathering, calculating, and inputting data. Computes employee take-home pay based on time records benefits and taxes. Answer staff questions about wages deduction, attendance and time records.

Conduct disciplinary and awarding actions

Quality Hub applies disciplinary actions in a way that leads to employee success
NOT rage or loss of a valuable employee, suit, or a poor reputation for the

Update policies

Quality Hub examines the policies on a regular basis and updates them when needed to make sure that they serve both the organization and employees’ interests.

Conduct benefit analysis

Quality Hub looks into competitors’ benefits to stay updated on what the market is offering to compete in attracting talents.

Maintain employee records

To help in the future hiring processes and other HR processes and in case of emergencies as they contain personal details and emergency contacts for each employee.

Providing career growth

Stagnation is bad for business, and it’s smart to keep your best employees with the company. Quality Hub can provide after consulting with the head departments and interviewing the employee’s the best career paths, learning, and training opportunities to help guide each employee to a long future within the company.

Supporting health and safety

Employees are the single biggest asset to any organization protecting their well-being and following appropriate safety measures is of utmost importance to us.

Additional services

Quality Hub can provide you with a fully equipped working space designed based on your needs, business objectives, capacity, and budget.