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Website design and development

Designing an elaborate and attractive website is the first step to attracting customers and gaining their trust, With high confidence, let us develop an interactive, safe and attractive website designed specifically for your business and touching the needs of your customers

App development “ANDROID, IOS”

It is nice to have an application to represent your services, but it will be amazing if that application is appropriate to the needs of your customers, satisfies their expectations and has a better experience for obtaining your services and products.
In Quality Hub, we guarantee that you will have an online application designed based on an analytical study of your business and the nature of your customers to give them a better experience that meets their expectations.

Digital Marketing Services

With more than five years of experience in digital marketing services and media productions through a set of marketing mechanisms and creative designs, we will contribute to increase the satisfaction rate of your existing customers and guarantee you higher access to your services and products.


is a leading company in the field of digital services aimed to raise the efficiency and effectiveness of work within small and medium-sized enterprises from different industries.
We help our clients to choose and design the most appropriate technology to automate administrative work, reducing costs, and maximizing profits through advanced and proven technical solutions

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Let’s take you in a quick journey inside

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A simple purchase order will allow you to handle the whole process of your everyday purchases.
In SOFT-ERP system a purchase order can be created as is, but can also be the result of a Request for
Quotation or a Purchase Tender.
• Pay the invoice before or after delivery.
• Configuration Request for quotations to each supplier.
• Send Request for quotation by email as PDF or download PDF and send it manually.
• Automate RFQs to suppliers based on stocks levels.
• Monitor RFQ and orders by quote or order status.
• Keep track stock and determine quantity and locations for each batch of items received.
• Manage draft invoices which can be easily modified or canceled later.
• Manage supplier reference and other information.
• Manage product variants.
• Dashboard to manage analysis & forecast process.
• Landed cost.
• Manage product costs on rate change.

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Inventory Management

• Better organize your warehouse with the smart double entry inventory system.
• automated Request for Quotation to make supply chain more efficient than ever.
• Product adjustment.
• Drop-shipping.
• Multi-warehouse.
• Track every stock move from purchase to warehouse.
• Track serials upstream or downstream from anywhere in supply chain.
• Manage internal operations and moves between locations.
• Manage delivery orders.
• Manage Incoming shipments.
• Manage returned products.
• Manage scrap or damage products.
• Serial number management.
• Manage Advanced Routes.

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